Sunday, October 12, 2008

Create a US iTunes Account from South Africa (Or anywhere else)

Many of you might have seen that the South African iTunes don't have any games for the iPhone, not even free ones.. :-( Well you can create a free US account to download them!

Here's how:

1. In iTunes, sign out of any other accounts you have. (By clicking on your account name in the top right corner, and then selecting "Sign Out".
2. Go to the botton of the page, and choose “United States” for the country.

3. Go to any free item to download. (A free game in the appstore will work well). Click "Get App".

4. When prompted to log in, choose “Create New Account”
5. Hit “Continue”
6. Agree & “Continue”

7. Fill in some details and click “Continue”. Note you'll need a real valid email address.

8. Select “None” for payment option, make your state “FL – Florida”, City “Tallahassee”, ZIP Code “32301”. (Put in any other street and telephone number)

9. You will receive a activation email, click on the link and your account will be activated!

Note, you will only be able to download free content. I you want to buy content you will need to buy a iTunes gift certificate. I think you can find some on eBay, or if you live in the Johannesburg area, I saw that WW Computers in Cresta shopping centre sell some.

Happy downloading!


Anonymous said...

Great - thanks! It works

Pablo H said...

Check out TuneZip – Not only can they set you up with a iTunes account if you can’t create one yourself, but they also sell $10, $15, $25 and $50 credit vouchers/gift cards at really reasonable prices, and their service is fast. You can get apps, movies, music, basically anything from the US itunes store using this service.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 'n mil for this tip - it works perfectly! I bet Aplle will start wondering about the boost in the population of Tallahassee :)

Itunes Account Help said...

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sap support package stack said...

Thank you for sharing the post. I had successfully created US itunes account. I simply followed your instruction and done it very easily.

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