Saturday, November 8, 2008

Installing Subversion on Windows for use with Oracle Jdeveloper.

Versions I used (Note that these versions are certified by Oracle. Using other versions might not work):

1. Download the following files:
  • svn-1.3.2-setup.exe
  • from above links.

2. Install subversion (svn-1.3.2-setup.exe).

3. Extract the contents of to a temporary folder, and copy libsvnjavahl-1.dll & svnjavahl.jar to the subversion bin folder. (Mine was C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin)
4. Edit environment variables svn_editor to point at a text editor of your choice.
Mine was:


5. Create a directory for your repo, and your repo.

svnadmin create "c:\repos\mynewrepo"

6. Within that newly created folder, uncomment the following lines in the conf/svnserve.conf file by removing the pound character from the start of each line and change to:

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd

7. Edit passwd file.

  • Remove the default users.
  • Add users in the format uname = password one per line.

8. Start Subverstion. Run (and keep window open)

svnserve --daemon --root "c:\repos\mynewrepo"

You can also write a .bat file and put it in your system startup to start the svn automatically. Mine looked something like this:
(Note you might want to add your svn's bin folder to your path environment variable)

start svnserve.exe --daemon --root "c:\repos\mynewrepo"

@echo SVNServe

9. In another command window type:

svn mkdir svn://localhost/myproject

  • Your svn_editor of choice should open so add a comment at the top, then save and close it.
  • In the command prompt window it should ask you to authenticate.
  • It defaults to the current logged in username so unless you created that user hit return to skip.
  • Enter the username of a user you added in the passwd file.
  • Enter the password.
  • You should see "committed revision 1". - This means your subversion is up and running.

10. Open JDeveloper.
  • Go to Help -> Check for updates -> Choose from file, and choose the you downloaded above.

  • Go to Versioning -> Select Version System -> Subversion
  • Go to View -> Subversion Navigator
  • In the navigator, right click on Subversion -> New repository connection
  • Fill in your details and test your connection.

  • Click ok and start using subversion!

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